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re: DECLINED - App: __rage___ - by Mindcloud


I guess I scared you off.   


Teal always wins.

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re: DECLINED - App: __rage___ - by Mindcloud


Alright! So looking at your armory, I can assume you haven't been able to find a good 2h weapon yet. I have a few questions for you regarding that and other general monk things.

1) Doing the best with what you have, why do you choose double frostwolf enchants over frostwolf/thunderlord or frostwolf/warsong?

2) If you were to have a 2h weapon, what enchant would you put on it?

3) What 4 pieces of tier do we shoot for with a 2h? Which 4 for 1h?

4) What stacks/when is it most optimal to use tigereye brew?

5) What BRF fights should we use Chi Burst+Ascension+Chi Explosion over Zen Sphere+Chi Brew+Serenity?  Are there any fights where we should be using Rushing Jade Wind? Chi Wave?

6) After sending out a Storm, Earth and Fire clone, what's the first thing you should do when it reaches its target?

Most noticeably from what I can see on your logs, your talent choices on some fights are poor, and it's directly reflecting in your output.  



Teal always wins.

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re: DECLINED - App: __rage___ - by Mindcloud


Hi, I'm Elusive's current WW monk. I'll be in classes all day, but I'll review your app/logs when I get home around 6est.


Teal always wins.

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re: App: __rage___

The application submitted by __rage___ is as follows:

About yourself




Tell us something about who you are:
Hey, I'm Michael I live in Central Cali. I love playing fun video games and I like really cool stuff, like Dragon Ball Z.

About your character

Character Name:



Armory Link:

UI Screenshot: Got wa's to monitor all my procs the window to the left of those that says frost wolf is my SEF clone target.

List All/Any Relevant Keybinds :
See UI screenshot

Link a recent WoL/Warcraft Logs parse (MANDATORY - If you don't have one, run a Normal/LFR):

Guild Questions

Reasons for wanting to join Elusive?:
I don't know much about your guild honestly. Your raid times seem like a good fit. I made a post in the guild recruitment forums and I got a reply saying you're in need of a WW monk so here I am

Elusive Raid times - Please check that you can make each night. ( Mon - Thursday 9-12PM est )

Guild History (Be EXTREMELY detailed):
Only including MOP & WOD

MoP - Epicdemic, Ner'Zhul: Chill group of people I still talk to alot of them but the progression wasn't what I was looking for so I moved

MOP - Insomnia, Kil'Jaeden: Joined this guild the 2nd week of SoO I believe. We had 8/14 heroic (mythic) down within the first month but I got a new job and was forced to go elsewhere if I wanted to raid still. (They raided Midnight-3 AM) So I was only here for about a month or so

MOP - Real Talk, Kil'Jaeden: Came back a month and a half or so after I got my new job and got to 13/14 heroic (mythic) with these guys. The last few heroics really took alot out of me and I decided once Paragons was down I'd be stopping for the rest of the xpac.

WoD - way she goes, Dark Iron: Really small group some long time friends and I made. 1/7 M HM and 4/10 H BRF before the group died to general lack of interest & recruitment issues

WoD - Bros without banners, Shattered Hand: This is the guild I'm in now. I joined maybe a month and a half ago and they are all good players, but we haven't recruited anyone since I joined and we are having alot of trouble due to that. We have had 11-13 on and have had to cancel and cut raids short all to often. The leaders are alts and raid mythics on their mains. They are very good players but don't seem to be too concerned with not killing Blackhand right away, or some mythics on their alts. This is my main though and I want to focus on tougher content.

Let me know if there's anything you'd like me to add here.

Previous raid experience:
BC - Up to Muru in SW
WotLK - Up to H LK in ICC (had some stacks at this point idk how many)
Cata - Played but did not raid in Cata
Mop- 3/13 H ToT 13/14 H SoO
WoD - 2/7 M 9/10 H

Are you applying to other guilds? Who?:
I apped to Vox Immortalis of Hyjal last night. This is my only other pending app.

Computer Specs and Internet Information::
intel core i5-2500k cpu @ 3.30 GHz 3.60 GHz processor
8gb ram

Don't know much about computers hope that helps. Let me know if you need anything else I'll find it for you. internet speed results

When is a good time for an Interview?:
Anytime this week after 7 pm pst if that's cool

Super Serious Section: Have fun with this part

Number of Testicles:

Waffles or Pancakes:

Draw us a picture with MS Paint: this was my guild forum sig in wotlk I hope you will accept this

Garrison Related Questions

How many followers do you have at 660+?:

How many epic followers do you have?:

Can you 100% each of the four Mythic missions from Blackrock Foundry?:
3/4 are at 100%, one at 91%. I'll reroll traits and abilities until I get that last 9% if it comes to it.

Application Availability Info:
Sunday -> Always
Monday -> Always
Tuesday -> Always
Wednesday -> Always
Thursday -> Always
Friday -> Don\'t Know
Saturday -> Don\'t Know

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