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re: DECLINED - App: Incredigood - by Mindcloud


Sorry, we are full up on mages.

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re: App: Incredigood

The application submitted by Incredigood is as follows:

About yourself




Tell us something about who you are:
I'm a very driven person with the mindset that if I can't be great at something, I might as well not do it. This applies to WoW in that I put my full effort into being the best I can be. I began this expansion playing Warrior and I switched to Mage shortly into BRF for my guild since we lacked ranged DPS. It took a few weeks but I soon became proficient at the class and am still getting better and better every week. My attention to detail and drive to become better was the main factor in this transformation. That said, I consider myself to be humble in that I know I can always be better and I value the advice of others. I often pour through logs of other, more successful players and try to find what they did and incorporate their strategies into mine.

About your character

Character Name:



Armory Link:

UI Screenshot:,AwUKoBm#0

List All/Any Relevant Keybinds :
I use the Corsair M95 mouse in conjunction with modifier keys as well as a few other binds.
1 - Fireball
S1 - Scorch
C1 - Level 100 Talent (Prismatic Crystal, Meteor, or Nothing)
A1 - Quaking Palm (rarely if ever used)

2 - Pyroblast
S2 - Inferno Blast
C2 - Flamestrike
A2 - Stopcast Pyroblast (for 4pc procs if I can't move or if I'm moving with Ice Floes), Presence of Mind

3 - Level 75 Talent (Living Bomb, Blast Wave for Fire, Supernova for Arcane)
S3 - On use trinket (Shards of Nothing for now, may leave blank if I replace with a proc trinket or move something into that spot.
C3 - Blink
A3 - Focus/Sheep Focus Macro

4 - Target Focus Macro
S4 - Cone of Cold/Dragon's Breath
C4 - Cold Snap (rarely taken, used for cheese on Flamebender and Kromog)

5 - Frost Nova
S5 - Ring of Frost
C5 - Amplify Magic

6 - Level 90 Talent (Rune of Power)
S6 - Invisibility
C6 - Ice Block
A6 - Time Warp

9 - Remove Curse
S9 - Spellsteal
C9 - Slow Fall

E - Ice Floes
SE - Counterspell

R - Arcane Power
SR - Stat Potion

F - Level 30 Talent (Alter Time or Ice Barrier)
SF - Healing Potion

Link a recent WoL/Warcraft Logs parse (MANDATORY - If you don't have one, run a Normal/LFR):

Guild Questions

Reasons for wanting to join Elusive?:
I have been with this guild since its inception. I feel like there are a few players that are trying and working hard at being good players but most are just coasting. We're stuck in this cycle of adding and losing weak players that only serves in making heroic progression harder and making mythic progression impossible due to both numbers and skill. Our guild/raid leader doesn't want to recruit and has become difficult to play for as he doesn't put in any research on his class and is rather condescending when trying to talk about strategy for the raid or specific classes.

I wish to join Elusive to play with like-minded players put their effort into improving themselves and rising to new challenges. I wish to test my abilities on the hardest content this game has to offer and I know I could meet those challenges with this guild.

Elusive Raid times - Please check that you can make each night. ( Mon - Thursday 9-12PM est )

Guild History (Be EXTREMELY detailed):
I spent my Vanilla raiding life with the guilds Blood of Eden and Condemn on my warrior. During Burning Crusade I spent most of the expansion as an officer and raid leader for Speakers for the Dead. Between WotLK and Mists I did not spend time raiding and generally spent time with casual guilds. This expansion I have been with 2 guilds, one of them a split from the other. The 1st guild, Citadel, was my home in early December through early January. The raid leader of this guild left citing issues with the rest of the officer corp and started a new guild Silly Salamanders. Most of the players who were average or above in skill followed and formed the core of the new guild. I am still with this guild.

Previous raid experience:
Vanilla - Played warrior tank up to Princess Huhuran in AQ40.
Burning Crusade - Played warrior tank while raid leading through Magtheridon and some TK progression, tanked into Hyjal with another guild after the 1st fell apart.
Wrath - Played warrior tank and DPS through ICC 10 through LK. This was accomplished in PUGs.
Cata - Did not raid.
Mists - Played warrior DPS and cleared Flex SoO with PUGs.
WoD - 2/7M HM w/ attempts on Brackenspore and Butcher (both my DPS warrior and mage), 9/10H on my mage with attempts on Blackhand, 7/10H on my Warrior w/ attempts on Iron Maidens (switched mains to help the guild).

Are you applying to other guilds? Who?:
I have not yet applied to any other guilds. I feel like this would be a good fit for me though I will continue looking if you don't feel the same way.

Computer Specs and Internet Information::
Windows 8.1
16GB DDR3-1866 RAM
250GB Samsung 840 Pro SSD
2TB Toshiba HDD
Sapphire Dual-X R9-280X

All relevant drivers/firmware up-to-date.

When is a good time for an Interview?:
Before or after raids, Mon/Wed/Thur, 8pm or 1am server. I am available at other times, we would just need to coordinate another time.

Super Serious Section: Have fun with this part

Number of Testicles:
Descended only or...?

Waffles or Pancakes:
Waffles for days.

Draw us a picture with MS Paint:

Garrison Related Questions

How many followers do you have at 660+?:
8, but I have enough items to upgrade more.

How many epic followers do you have?:

Can you 100% each of the four Mythic missions from Blackrock Foundry?:

Application Availability Info:
Sunday -> Don\'t Know
Monday -> Always
Tuesday -> Always
Wednesday -> Always
Thursday -> Always
Friday -> Always
Saturday -> Don\'t Know

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