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re: App: Pète

The application submitted by Pète is as follows:

About yourself




Tell us something about who you are:
My name is Brendan, I live in the middle of nowhere near Ottawa, Canada. I am a 3rd year Environmental Sciences Student at Carleton University. I used to do Competitive swimming during grade school and high school at an provincial level and was long distance swimmer ( 800,1500m). Stopped because university killed my interest in hobbies.

About your character

Character Name:

Death Knight


Armory Link:

UI Screenshot:

List All/Any Relevant Keybinds :
From from my UI screen, most of my rotation/cooldowns,mitigation are put in the top while most of secondary abilities( taunts, cc, aoe, etc) are in the second and third bars at the bottom.

Link a recent WoL/Warcraft Logs parse (MANDATORY - If you don't have one, run a Normal/LFR):
I go under the name Pete and linthac for these blackrock heroic foundry logs:,,, and here have a mythic highmaul one : Also have a ranking for my heroic kills if you are interested : For my heroic blackahnd and mythic Oregorger kill, i pugged it on Stormrage and dont have logs for it.

Guild Questions

Reasons for wanting to join Elusive?:
What i look for in a good guild is how well they adapt to an progression boss, the raid environment they goes on during raid times, and how communicative the guild is during that encounter. Also what i look for in a guild is how i can contribute to it and how it can help me in improving my raid experience/performance. I feel that this guild can do this and so much more in blackrock foundry and in the coming Months of wod's raiding tier.

Elusive Raid times - Please check that you can make each night. ( Mon - Thursday 9-12PM est )

Guild History (Be EXTREMELY detailed):
Summary of guilds ive been in sincei started raiding in bullet point form from raid history:

Frist guild: Deviant on Mal ganis: 10/14H, i left due the raid atmosphere and raid attitude during progression

Second Guild: vox Radix on Korgath: 12/14H left due too raid not keeping a steady week for 3months( ie people not showing up or not posting on afk forums about being not there).

Third Guild: Standard Deviation on Blackrock. 14/14H SoO, 6/7H highmaul, left due to feeling that the raid environment was very toxic, due new raid members, people arguing over raid strats, people blowing up during vent, etc..

4th Guild: Last Laugh on Bledding Hollow: 9/10H , guild was having bad drama during blackhand which had people constantly leaving and having missed raid nights. I felt that the guild didn't suit the raid environment i feel comfortable in so i left.

Previous raid experience:

I started raiding at the end of ToT(patch 5.3) on my prot warrior(, started off slow pugging ToT because i wasn't sure how raiding worked was back then and got my ahead of the curve kill of Lei shen and heroic ji kun before 5.4 came. during SoO, i mostly pugged my normal kills and got my Aotc 109 man garrosh during mid October. When i stepped into heroic, i apped to a 10/14H 25m guild on Mal ganis and made it to heroic spoils. My next guild was a 25m heroic guild on korgath which i got my heroic 25m Seigecrafter kill( after the nef, have some pulls before the nerf to it was there) . And the last guild i raided during SoO was a 25m heroic guild on Blackrock where, i got my atoc 25m heroic garrosh kill. I stayed with that guild till September where i took a break for 2 weeks due to burnout of raiding. I came back for wod and raided with them but their old prot warrior officer came back and he wanted to stay prot warrior. So i volunteered to switch to blood dk because i felt that the play stlye suited me the best. during Highmaul i got to 6/7H with the guild. During December/January, i didn't really get to progress in highmaul, but during February i joined a mythic guild on bleeding hollow and got to 4/7M and 9/10H.

Are you applying to other guilds? Who?:
Have had muich traffic from guilds on my recruitment posts, have talked to some but haven't really applied to any others yet.

Computer Specs and Internet Information::

My rig isnt the greatest but better than what i used to raid with in Mop:

GPU: Geforce GTX 750
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4330 CPU @ 3.50GHz
Memory: 8.00 GB RAM
Operating System: Microsoft windows 7 premium


When is a good time for an Interview?:
anytime on battle net, in game, randomly will be on weekends in the afternoon/evenings, during week, around 7 or 8 pm est.

Super Serious Section: Have fun with this part

Number of Testicles:

Waffles or Pancakes:

Draw us a picture with MS Paint:
i made a picture of doomhammer,

Garrison Related Questions

How many followers do you have at 660+?:
23/25 active 660+, leveling 2 atm, and 9 inactive

How many epic followers do you have?:

Can you 100% each of the four Mythic missions from Blackrock Foundry?:

Application Availability Info:
Sunday -> Always
Monday -> Always
Tuesday -> Always
Wednesday -> Always
Thursday -> Always
Friday -> Always
Saturday -> Always

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re: DECLINED - App: Pète - by Mindcloud


guild is kill

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